[Veon x Industry Icons] – Paul Tchen

It was great catching up with Paul Tchen last week. Our Managing Director – Veon has known Paul for many years and he has always impressed her. His personal passion and commitment to the charitable cause and his genuine care for people are testimonies to his excellence in leading and performing his current role.

Paul had this meaningful job all made up for him when he became Honorary Chair of Shanghai K Charitable foundation in November 2017, and this was after his 25 years of corporate and senior management positions at the Peninsula Hotels.

The Foundation is dedicated to education and training and helping underprivileged young people receive hospitality technical training and life skills in their late teens to early twenties to learn a trade and become self sustaining at the Sir Horace Kadoorie Youth Development Centre in Shanghai.

We are happy for Paul and we believe at his stage in life, there is a higher mission than work and we will be very happy to help his graduates find good placements within the hotel industry in the future. We are sure our industry colleagues will be able to contribute and give this charitable Foundation their best support too.

More details about Shanghai K Charitable Foundation can be found in http://www.shanghaik.org/?lang_id=2