[ Veon x Industry Icons ] – Mr. Felix Bieger

Our Managing Director – Veon was excited to have lunch with our industry icon, Mr. Felix Bieger at The Chesa,The Peninsula Hotels Hong Kong, to hear his stories from the day he joined The Peninsula Hotel Group in 1953 until today. After 67 years with the Company, he still travels early in the morning from his residence to go to the office as its Advisor.

When asked about what motivates him, he said “Choose a job you love” and “I only count the sunny hours.” In citing the Sun-Dial device which only tells the time of the day when there is sunlight, this ancient Latin motto brightens his day. Our industry has been through many downturns and each time the sunny days appeared and we became stronger. We must keep our faith and do what we do best by continuing to improve ourselves

Mr. Bieger’s work goes beyond his passion and she admires his positive energy. He is sentimental about the memories he had with his guests and colleagues, and he kept his jovial sense of humour throughout lunch. What a good role model for people of all ages to follow.

We asked him if we were to turn back the clock, would he still choose hospitality industry as his career. His answer was “I would do exactly the same”.

Mr. Felix Bieger – Advisor of The Peninsula Hotel Group
March 2021